Alloy Wheels Repair Melbourne

Whether the alloy wheels are painted, machine finished, or in chrome, our expert technicians in alloy wheels repair can do complete the job with quick turnaround time. We have the best alloy wheel repair system that can add cosmetic appeals and life to the wheels.

Alloy Wheels Repairs

What we are experts at

When you bring your car to our body shop, you can easily make out the difference in our process of dealing with the damaged alloy wheels. Being an expert in alloy wheels repair, we can solve the following types of problems at competitive price and quick turnaround time:

  • Scuffs
  • Chipped wheels
  • Gutter scraped
  • Kerb damage
  • Pot hole damage
  • Colour fading
  • Weld cracks
  • Full wheel respays

Wheel Restoration

Being the obvious choice for alloy wheels repairs Melbourne, we can get back the wheels to their previous condition the way they were when installed the first time. We first remove the wheels from the tyres and clean them so that the problems are easily visible. Then we make the gutter rash and dent smooth with hand sanding or machine sand. We then follow another process in case if the rash or the chips of the wheels are deep. After completing the final process of alloy wheel restoration, our next step is to respray the wheels.

So whether you need to repair and respray your car’s single or all alloy wheels, Mr. Bingle is the right choice for alloy wheels repair South Melbourne and Melbourne.