Bumper Repairs

The bumper of a car is the first thing that gets damaged whenever you bump into a car either from the front or the rear. While replacing it entirely is possible, it can be a costly affair. If you want to avoid expensive repair, you must come to Mr. Bingle – the specialist in bumper repairs Melbourne. We have a team of experienced auto experts who are masters in panel beating. They can handle any type of bumper repair faster and in cost-effective manner. The repair work is done using the best materials and with advanced equipment. You will be happy with the brand new look of your car’s bumper and at the competitive price of our service.

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Whether the impact of the collision is small or big, our techniques of bumper repairs Melbourne will change the look of the plastic bumpers entirely. We are also experts in fixing scratches and paint chips. Since plastic bumpers are vital parts of the car’s structure, you shouldn’t compromise on your safety and get them repaired by us since we understand the car’s stress structure better than others. We will not make you wait for a week or fleece you.

Our specialty lies in repairing any types of damages to your car bumper. Whether it is a dent, scraped, scratch, or chipped, You can easily trust us after knowing that we hold over 30 years of experience in bumper repair. Mr. Bingle is the best choice for bumper repairs South Melbourne.

Advantages We Offer To You

As the most sought after expert for bumper repairs South Melbourne, you will have following advantages:

  • Repair works with a life time guarantee
  • Competitive price often lower than what your insurance excess
  • A refurbished and brand new looking bumper
  • Reshaping and crack plastic welding to avoid bumper replacement

We have computerised systems to match the new colour with the original. We also work with the best paint technology for bumper respray South Melbourne. Our re-paint work is invisible.

The car’s paint can be damaged even without an accident. It can start peeling, or appear dull over the time. Sometimes, scratches also make the paint look bad. In that case, call Mr. Bingle for services of bumper respary South Melbourne.

So now there is no need to get frustrated as you can get your bumper repaired and repainted with the experts in the auto industry. Get a quick quote at (03) 90139346 or 0408038494.