Spray Painting

Car spray painting is an arduous task and requires great skills and finesse. There are several steps that need to be covered in order to meet the looks of a new car. Each step is important and shouldn’t be missed or done in a haste. At Mr. Bingle, our trained and experienced spray painters follow all the steps from preparation, respraying to denibbing and inspection methodically. They make sure that the spray paint job is a success and customers are happy about the same.

Steps we follow for car spray painting

Cleaning & Priming

Cleaning the car thoroughly and making it free of dust and dirt is the first step in spray painting. It is followed by removing old paint by sanding. We work with best quality tools that ensure no damage to the car’s body when sanding. We then apply primer so that the paint lasts for a longer time. Once the cleaning and priming are done, we inspect the car to check if it is ready for masking.

Colour Matching

Matching the paint with the car’s original colour is crucial. Otherwise, the entire process of the car spray paint will be a failure. We use a computerised system to match the colour. This process takes time and requires lots of adjustments. For a perfect match, we also prepare and add high-quality car spray paint. Once the colour is matched, our spray painters then start with spray painting the car.

Spray Painting, denibbing, and inspection

The paint has to be sprayed with consistent pressure throughout the body. Our spray painters are experienced in operating the spray painting equipment. They move around the car with the spray gun in an organised way and apply the same pressure for paint coating. To ensure there are no imperfections and runs, we then do denibbing. We work with high-quality car spray paint to ensure your car matches the shine with that of the manufacturer. We then end the car spray painting process with a thorough inspection.

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