Six Key Questions to Ask your Smash Repairs Before You Hire

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What Do You Ask Your Smash Repairers?

When you are involved in a car accident (whether your fault or not) the first and foremost thing you need to think about is to get your car repaired as quickly as possible. Taking your vehicle to any smash repairer you come across is a stupid decision. Instead, take some time to find a trusted and professional smash repairer for your car.

A good and reputed smash repair service provider will definitely expect a series of questions from you, and would happily answer them all to your satisfaction. After all, you have shown interest in their smash repair services and consider them to get your car back in its original state.

Before you commit to hiring their smash repair services, ask them a few questions to understand the smash repair process.

First Question: How long will it take for the repair work?

The time that the smash repairer takes to repair your car mostly depends on the level of damage the accident has caused. Lesser the damage the quicker is the repair work. After inspecting your car, the smash repair technician will give you an estimated time for all the repair work. But he will commit a definite time only after the thorough inspection. It is likely for the smash repair to take longer as the technician identifies the damage.

Professional smash repairers like Mr Bingle, try their best to return your car as quickly as possible. Also, they will keep you informed about the latest developments or issues that they find during the repair work.

Second Question: Do you use genuine and manufacturer-approved parts?

Cheap smash repairer may offer you a lucrative deal, but the non-genuine or original parts and shoddy workmanship can cost you more down the line. Usually, affordable smash repairs use duplicate or after-market parts that do not meet the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines. The wear & tear of these low-quality non-genuine parts may cost you more in the longer run.

On the other hand, genuine and original parts may seem a bit expensive up front, but they come with a lifetime guarantee. Above all, they are made to fit the standards & specifications set by the manufacturer. Mr Bingle Smash Repairs in Melbourne uses only genuine and manufacturer-approved spare parts.

Third Question: What about the insurance?

If you need any insurance claim assistance for the smash-repair related operating cost, you must verify it from the service repairer. It will assist in making sure that the claims are processed in time without any hassle. Any reputed smash repairer, like Mr Bingle, will help you with fast insurance claim assistance and claim assessment at each step.

Fourth Question: Do you provide work warranty?

Confirm from your smash repair service provider if they offer any work warranty. Any established and reputed smash repairer will provide warranty on the spare parts they use and repair work performed. Warranties vary from place to place. It is better to be sure to verify what is covered and for how long.

Fifth Question: Do you offer a lifetime guarantee?

The smash repairer should comply with a set of industry repair standards. Lifetime guarantee means that if any fault is detected in the repair work, even after several years, the service provider will repair it at no additional cost. It will undoubtedly provide you with some relief and added peace of mind.

Sixth Question: For how long you have been in the industry?

Experience matters! For obvious reasons, you would not want any newbie to handle your car until you are sure of their expertise and knowledge. Ask the smash repairer about the years of experience they have and if their staff is trained and certified. Ask for their accreditations, affiliations & memberships, certificates, awards & recognitions (if any). Research online and check out their testimonials and reviews to find out the experiences people had working with the said smash repairer.

Asking these key questions will help you choose the right smash repairer who specialises in car smash repair in Melbourne.

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