About Us

Mr. Bingle is experienced panel beater in Melbourne reputed for its quality workmanship. We are passionate about giving a new look to prestige cars that have met with an accident. Our expert technicians provide excellent smash/crash repair services and insurance assistance to car owners. With dual service under a single roof, you can get back your car like the way it was before the accident with approved repair works according to the standards set by car manufacturers as well as insurance companies. We are expert in no-fault accident repairs and hassle-free claims. That’s why we are the most sought after panel beaters in Melbourne by car owners as well as insurance companies.

Since each insurance company has its own guidelines for claim approval, we keep ourselves updated with those guidelines. Our technical team also ensures that we are always equipped with the latest and advanced industry tools. In addition, our staff also updates their knowledge of advanced engineering system in new cars. Our knowledge of engineering technology used in latest prestige cars is a big advantage for car owners.

With state of the art technologies and tools at our body shop, our clients don’t face any issues with insurance claims. Being experienced in restoring accident prestige cars of all makes and models and having worked with most insurance companies over the years, we are confident of our skills in meeting all the parameters for accident claims and no-fault repairs.

Besides being an expert in repairing accident damages on prestige cars, we also take small work like car scratch removal in and around Melbourne. Our Spray Painters and Assemblers are experts in matching car paint colour and respraying.

Other specialties

Our team is also skilled in offering the following services:

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