Tips For Choosing The Best Panel Beater

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How To Choose The Best Panel Beater For You

When your car needs panel beating or any other bodywork repairs to get back in its original state, it is important to choose a trusted, experienced and reliable panel beater.

Choosing a trustworthy panel beating company can be difficult to find. When searching for a fast, and dependable panel beating company near you, there are several considerations to take into account.

A clean and organized auto repair shop shows a high-level of professionalism and attention to detail. This also shows that the shop takes pride in their work and will likely take excellent care of your vehicle.

Professional auto repair shops display nationally recognized automotive certifications, licenses, and insurance verification in the customer’s lounge. Ensure these are visible and up-to-date. It may be a good idea to ask to see them if they are not displayed.

Here are a few points to look for when choosing an expert to work on your car:

Vehicle Type Specialisation:

Each car make and model may have different requirements and at times may need specialised services. So, choose a panel beater who has specialised knowledge on the make and model of your car. Moreover, he must have access to various parts required for repairing your car model.

Generally, European, German, American, and Japanese vehicle models are structured differently whereas vintage cars also need a different work procedure to achieve the factory finish. Hence, it is essential to ask for some sample works of the panel beater from his previous works to check whether he has adequate skills to repair your car.

Workmanship Guarantees:

Choosing a professional panel beater for your car repairs can be a challenge. Check to see if your prospective panel beater in Thomastown offers any guarantees or warrantees on the work they do. Guarantee is a sign that the business’s reputation rests on its craftsmanship topped with high-quality professional service and also their confidence in the repair work.

Fixed workshop auto repairers have a lot more equipment to provide more comprehensive smash repairs than mobile repairers. As such they often provide better warranties or guarantees on their smash repairs.

Experience And Professional Accreditations:

With experience comes the quality. The more experienced a team is, the better quality of work they deliver, that too in a very professional manner. Ideally, reputed and renowned Panel beaters display their accreditations, qualifications, awards and recognitions. While visiting the workshop, you can check for the latest qualifications and certifications from professional automobile companies.

Professional smash repair shops display nationally recognized automotive certifications, licenses, and insurance verification in the customer’s lounge. Ensure these are visible and up-to-date. It may be a good idea to ask to see them if they are not displayed.

If the company has a membership to professional organisations, it is expected that the repairer should conform to the codes of conduct implemented by these organisations.

Detailed Quote:

A reputed panel beater will give a correct estimate of the repair work required. Naturally the panel beating experts cannot confirm the extent of the total damage until they do a complete and a thorough inspection onsite. Some damage may not be visible until the car is dismantled. Vehicles with extensive structural damage may be required to be brought in for an onsite inspection.

Take a close look at their smash repairs quote and the information that is provided with their quotes to check if the panel beater is transparent and trustworthy. A good and reputable panel beater will always provide a detailed quotation before beginning any smash repairs work on your vehicle.


Ask you friends, family and colleagues for recommendations to find a trustworthy and a reputed local panel beater in Thomastown. Panel beaters and smash repairers with good reputations have built these up over time through hard work, high-quality smash repairs service and treating their customers well.

And if your peers don’t know any panel beater near you, you can still get to know the reputation by reviewing their website and social media platforms. Majority of the customers leave an online review about their experiences dealing with the panel beating service. Whether good or bad. You can see our smash repairs and panel beater reviews here.

We understand that finding the best panel beater can be challenging and costs you time and money. The tips mentioned above will certainly help you choose the right panel beater in Thomastown for your car repair. However, if you are still unsure of how to look for the best panel beater near you, you can trust Mr. Bingle for all your car repair and service needs.

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    Thanks for mentioning how a panel beating service will provide better quality work with the more experience they have. My brother’s car got damaged last night and he needs to find the right panel beaters for smash repair. I’ll make sure that he finds a service that has many years of experience with panel beating.

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